The Author


Glad you could drop by, read my work and hopefully feel moved enough to think about what I've written.

And I hope you left your thoughts in the comments section.

So, you'd like to know something about me? Well...

I am a journalist.

Now, a little something about this blog.

My blog is my way of throwing out my thoughts, both vague and sorted, in the hope that those who read it may find sense within my ramblings. I'm troubled by the things I see around me and most of the time, it is about those things that I write. I tend to think and sometimes over-think things or so I'm told. But I still put my thoughts out here to see if others see what I see. If they do, then how? From which angle? What other view is possible?

This is why I write.

Yours in writing,



  1. Can you please help me to find your recent one ?

  2. Can you please help me to find out your recent one?