Friday, 2 May 2014

If you didn’t Vote…

Gujarat was in anxious anticipation to vote for the Indian General Elections on the 30th of April. And why not? Their Chief Minister is in the race to become the Prime Minister of India. The man who hopes to become the leader of the largest democracy in the world is counting on his state to propel him from Gandhinagar to New Delhi.

If you are one of those who are called, ‘enlightened and responsible’ citizens of India, you might have wanted to vote too or are going to. You want to do something for your country, do your part in bringing about a good government unlike those who don’t give a rat’s ass about the same. You actually think that one vote makes a difference; well that’s the difference between them and you.

It is very fortunate that today the number of educated and aware citizens who want to vote is considerably more than those who either do not realize the importance of it or are too lazy to cast their vote. It is the former group of people who are in the ascendency and it helps realize the basic premise of living in a democracy.

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But there are people who cannot vote. There are reasons why they cannot go to their constituency and cast their vote on the day of elections. This may be due to a variety of reason. These reasons are in some cases valid, but there is no point noting them down since they will just be taken as some more excuses to avoid fulfilling one’s national duty.

But let’s assume that some people had a real reason not to vote, what can they then do to absolve themselves of this guilt? I know some people who did not vote and then could not put up their inked finger photo up on Facebook, but I also know that they wanted to – vote that is. But since they didn’t, talking about it is a moot point. What they did in lieu of voting then become a support for them to still believe that they did their duty in some measure at least.

Did they make other people aware of their duty and right?

Did they try to explain the importance of the same to the uninitiated?

Did they inspire even one other person to take the trouble to vote?

Did they do their part in ensuring that the voter list becomes longer?

If they have in any way partaken in these activities, then I believe that they can absolve themselves of blame, even if society doesn’t.

I didn’t vote, but I’ve finally manage to stop the dam of guilt that was threatening to spill into the other areas of my life. I believe that I’ve done my part for my country, have you?

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