Sunday, 2 March 2014

Remnants of a War

These days there has been a huge influx of news relating to the Second World War and its repercussions. Thinking about them and what they mean have drawn me to some interesting conclusions.

First was the racist news about some cartoonist in Germany drawing a derogatory caricature of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. Germany definitely needs to take care of what it does relating to the Jews.

Then there was the news relating to a memorial in Hungary which describes the Eagle of Nazi Germany attacking the Angel of Hungary. The memorial is surrounded in intrigue since this would be absolving Hungary from its war crimes of helping the Third Reich to send its Jews to concentration camps.

The third piece of news is about the recent winter storms revealing long lost bombs and mines from the WW II era on British beaches.

These are the remains of a war that changed the face of the world and set up a new world order in the matrix that we see today. One is social, one is emotional and one is physical.

The roots of racism, entrenched in German history possibly cannot be wiped out, most of all by the Jews. So when a German cartoonist, knowingly or unknowingly does something to offend the Jews, the scars of yore are bound to spilt wide open even after almost seven decades. Hence, the divide at the social level.

There was Hitler and then there were his allies. Hungary has been recorded in history books as being a willing participant in Germany’s crimes. The Jews in that country were deported to concentration camps with the active support and help of government officials. So, when the government builds a monument that absolves the state of all blame, it is bound to enrage the not only the Jews, but also the rest of the population who carry the guilt of the forbearers. This is hurt at the emotional level.

Imagine walking on the beach and seeing something shiny and pointy sticking out of the ground, only to find that it was a bomb or artillery shell from WW II. That would indeed be a shock but for the citizen of the UK living on the southern shores, this is a common occurrence. This has now even intensified because the recent storm has uncovered a lot of these and increased the danger to the people. These remnants are physical.

These remnants may turn up in many ways, as portrayed above, but turn up they certainly will, perhaps to remind us what man can and will do in the throes of power. Perhaps to remind us of the pain and suffering the whole world endured for the ambitions of one man. Perhaps to remind us that entire cities can disappear overnight. Perhaps to remind us that that we can be responsible for our own destruction.

Or maybe as an omen of things yet to come…