Tuesday, 11 March 2014

On Retribution…

I've always believed what goes around, comes around. You do good and good will come back. You do bad, that will surely come back. You do nothing; you’re dead weight on this planet. However, thinking about retribution all of a sudden, I penned down the verses below. These things happen when I go into these sudden episodes of words flowing into my brain. Some people call it inspiration, some people a muse, I call it both.

So, here is my poem on the age-old phrase, ‘Karma is a bitch.’

Karma is a Bitch

Coming back to haunt your dreams,
Your every moment;
Image Courtesy: Google Images.
Karma is a bitch, they say.

Just because I can’t, she will.
She’s coming for you,
Karma is a bitch they say.

She has been lying in wait,
A stalker she is;
Karma is a bitch they say.

No matter how, when, where, why.
Image Courtesy: Google Images.
She will strike, I’m sure;
Karma is a bitch they say.

When you did me wrong, she saw,
She smiled and waited;
Karma is a bitch they say.

And now that you are exposed,
She sharpens her scythe;
Karma is a bitch they say.

You cower and weep and beg,
She still smiles and swings;
Karma is a bitch they say.
-          Brendan-Anton R. Dabhi

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