Thursday, 3 April 2014

India: An Island

India has long been the butt of international jokes relating to how she is so weak, so vulnerable before her neighbours.  How she cannot even fend for herself despite having the second largest land army in the world after China.

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India has, since her independence in 1947, been a staunch advocate of not having a first strike policy against aggressive nations. She has also almost always maintained a neutral standpoint on international hostilities between other countries, including the Cold War. However, this restraint is now being mistaken as a weakness by her allies and most importantly, her enemies. This is why she is now facing danger from all four of her borders. However, the others do realize what a great power she can be and in fact is; hence the constant opposition to her taking a permanent place on the United Nations Security Council.

It is possible that this weak nature of India’s defences is due to a lack of strong leadership at the centre. But whatever the reason, these threats to India do exist. This forced me to do a wee bit of research on the subject after writing a post in August on the same topic: India under Attack.

I came up with four articles on all four threats that India faces from all sides:

Today, it’s not like India doesn't have allies, it’s just that they aren't in her vicinity and hence she has effectively become an island today, in spite of being one of the two major powers in South-Asia.

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