Friday, 3 May 2013

Endless Possibilities

Hey there world…

This is Brendan-Anton Raphael Dabhi writing his first blog at the age of twenty one because this is the first time that he has two months of actually nothing to do. So, instead of just eating, shitting and sleeping, he’s decided to put his time to this use – writing a Blog!

So, I've just finished my graduation and come back to my hometown from my adopted one. Seems strange: These roads, these lanes, these roundabouts, these gardens and these landmarks that I’m seeing today are but flashes in black and white film at the back of my mind. So much has changed; it’s difficult to say I know this city anymore. Now I’m back here, but I know not what I’m going to do with these two months on hand.  I will leave this city at the end of two months to pursue further studies in another university, but in the meantime: Mission ‘Do Something Useful’.

I could go out looking for a summer job, a place where I could be of some use. Where I don’t feel like dead-weight  This could gain me valuable experience or an internship certificate or a stipend or even a proper salary. But who is going to give me a job with a Bachelor’s degree? I could hope that some or the other local media house gives me a job but that’s hoping for too much entirely and I know it.
I could go out exploring my city once again, getting to know it, discover it once again. Get to feel its pulse again and perhaps feel at home once again. But I fear that two months are too short a time to get to know this place again and it will be heart-wrenching to leave it again once I connect with it again (It was hard enough the first time).

I could go out on a photography spree, my presently dominant hobby. I could capture this city in my lens and in my eyes before I leave it again because I know that this city has so much to offer the inquisitive and creative mind. There are small things everywhere that join together to make up this city. The small nuances, the behaviour of the people, the interaction of the mass, the structure of its buildings, the feel of the rush hour traffic, the soft breeze in the evenings, the flowing of its river, the majesty of its statues, the flight of its aspirations, the hopes of its young, the laughter of its children and the wheezing of its elderly are all part of the heart and soul of my city and even if I tried for a thousand years, I could never hope to recreate this place in my work.

So, at the moment, I have some options and I’m weighing the pros and cons of each with a view to coming to a good decision. If you have some advice, please go ahead and dish it out, I’m all ears!