Monday, 6 May 2013

Oppa Terminator Style

I recently had my eyesight corrected through LASIK, i.e..  lens correction through laser. And for the next 15 days I had to roam about with dark shades even in the house, so as to protect my now-sensitive eyes from any damage. This was a great pain because even though you get used to them, wearing shades for the whole day and even while sleeping, is a bit over the top. But anyway, I bore that nonsense and now I'm spectacle free for the rest of my life after 16 years of constant companionship.

So, yesterday Dad took me shopping for all the new stuff I needed and after we’d bought the clothes and shoes and other things, I reminded Dad that I needed to buy my first ever pair of shades(Having acquired heavy-duty spectacles at a very tender age). And so we went to our regular optician and he began showing us a variety of goggles that had me completely confused as to which ones to buy. But as I was trying two of the shortlisted ones, Dad commented that they made me look like the villain robot T1000 from the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Sure enough, I looked into the mirror and voilà!  I was a futuristic mimetic alloy sentient being come to buy some cool shades. And my choice was made! Obviously, I wasn't going to buy anything else that probably made me look like Salman Khan from the movie Dabbang. Come on, if somebody gave YOU a choice, look like a futuristic robot capable of changing shape or look like a buffed up Bollywood actor; what would you choose?

This would be a very easy choice for any self-confessed movie-nerd. There is absolutely no doubt that the Terminator series is regarded by some hard-core movie addicts to be a Classic. Oh yes, if you didn't know this, too bad.  The Terminator movies were possibly the first of their kind to mention the possibility of advanced machines gaining self-awareness and destroying human supremacy on Earth.

This idea, coupled with the indomitable and indestructible Arnold Schwarzenegger was a revolutionary and in fact a pioneering step in the cinema of the annihilation of the human race and the rise of the age of robots. As far as I know, it was only after this that more movies based on this concept were produced. Prominent among these films are iRobot, starring Will Smith and Transformers, starring Shia LaBeouf.

Secondly, even though the first movie in the Terminator series was not expected to make much money, it stayed at the top of U.S. chart for two weeks. This may be the direct result of casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in a role that required him to give no expression whatsoever. Perfect casting! Also he looks a lot like a robot sent back in time to destroy Earth’s only hope for a future. So yeah, well done James Cameron. For people born in the 90’s, the Terminator is undoubtedly their favourite movie of all time. You may not know this but I consider myself to be a connoisseur of good cinema (Even if it’s only I who say so), even then, to this day, my favourite movies of all time are the Terminator series. You may even verify that on my Facebook account.

So, Terminator shades? Hell Yeah!

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