Thursday, 9 May 2013

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow…

I have this habit of writing down the things that either bother or intrigue me and these things often come flowing out in the form of something that you might call poetry. Since I realized that I might be on to something good here, I started arranging my thoughts because poetry is not just inspiration from the muses as much as the arranging technique, vocabulary and style of the poet himself/herself; or so William Wordsworth said. It has been around six years now that I've been writing stuff but only the past three in which I've received proper guidance from my cousin and literature professors to develop a style and to stop rhyming everything that I wrote. It was only then that I really started writing stuff that other people also seemed to think was pretty OK and not the childish nursery rhymes that I used to pass out earlier.

Now I often look back at my old poems and give a little nostalgic smile at how naive and rhyme-bound I used to be. Sometimes I also curl my lips up in disgust at some of the utter tripe that I’d written. But then I feel that it’s a part of life and that evolution or growth is an endless process and I realized that every few months or years when I looked back, I found something to laugh at, in my diary. This is now clear to me that however good you think you've become or whatever height you've achieved, there’s always space to still go ahead and do something better because as a species, we are always in the search of bettering ourselves.

Every few years, something or the other becomes obsolete, so is the case with knowledge. What we know today may be proven wrong tomorrow or may be presented with improvements to it. So, it’s impossible for something to remain stagnant and be needed. For example, water that has remained stagnant for too long develops algae and fungus and can no longer be used. But flowing water keeps cleaning itself and thus is vital to majority of organisms on the planet.

Thus it is not only change that is required but what is important is progress or moving forward. Because there is nothing like standing still. You either move forwards or you move backwards, there is no other way out. You stand still and are promptly left behind by the world which is progressing at an incredible rate. Especially in the AGE OF INFORMATION that we live in. Yes, I believe that the post-war and modern age are over, we are now in the age where information is the greatest tool as well as weapon depending upon its application. Communication is the key to any and all events taking place over the world and if you were to be left behind the times in terms of information and your surroundings, you cannot cope up with the world again and all you will be able to see is it’s bumper sticker that says, “Farewell sucker!”

This is what I think about keeping up with the times. If anyone feels otherwise or wants to augment what I've written, raid the comment box!

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